Cornwall is full of hidden treasures

Posted on 23rd July 2014

Cornwall is full of hidden treasures and we are not even talking about its beaches, old tin mines or landmarks; we are talking about actual treasure.

While new and modern holiday cottages to rent in Cornwall are normally full of holidaymakers looking to get a glimpse of the county’s attractions, they could soon be full of treasure hunters after a local blogger released a treasure map.

An article in the West Briton reports that the local blogger has released a list and map for the 12 best places in Cornwall to hunt for hidden chests of gold, where either treasure has previously been found or where ships from the 16th and 18th centuries famously sank and their precious loads never found.

The list covers areas all over Cornwall and includes Merchant Royal, Cudden Point, Godrevy, Church Cove, Dollar Cove, Rill Cove, Lizard Point, Hanover Cove, Kennack Sands and Harlyn Bay.

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Rare tuna comes ashore in Cornwall

Posted on 19th July 2014

A group of holidaymakers this week discovered what is believed to have been a Bluefin tuna floating off the Cornish coast at Kingsand.

The group of friends, who were believed to be staying in nearby Cornwall coastal cottages to rent, were out kayaking when they saw the rare tuna fish floating along in the water.

The discovery is quite remarkable as the fish is listed as critically endangered and although it is illegal to catch or sell the fish in British waters, it is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – in 2013 a Bluefin tuna was sold at an auction for over £1 million by a sushi restaurant owner.

This particular fish was so heavy that six men had to lift it out of the sea and onto shore. The fish, which is normally found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, has seen its population numbers decrease since the 1960s due to overfishing.

A volunteer for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Claire Wallerstein, was one of the first people on the scene after the group of girls had dragged the fish closer to the shore and she told a local newspaper that she “just could not believe it”.

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Celebrity couple say they love Cornwall

Posted on 09th July 2014

One of the most well-known celebrity couples in the UK – Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan – have revealed they are huge fans of Cornwall.

The county is renowned for being home to a number of luxury Cornwall coastal cottages and with the glowing recommendation of Richard & Judy, who shot to fame with their daytime chat shows on ITV and Channel 4, these cottages could be snapped up quickly this summer and winter.

In an article featured in the Plymouth Herald the celebrity couple, who own a property near Polperro, say they holiday in the county every year and that Cornwall is a “spiritual home” to them.

Richard Madeley, added, “The moment you cross the Tamar, either on Brunel’s rail bridge, or the road suspension bridge the Queen opened half a century ago, there’s a special feeling that creeps into your very bones.”

Judy Finnigan, said, “Obviously we love Talland Bay, between Looe and Polperro […] the Roseland Peninsular is beautiful and we love St Mawes and Falmouth.”

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Summer sun to stay in Cornwall

Posted on 16th May 2014

The current warm weather that is shining down across Cornwall is set to continue over the weekend and could attract a number of visitors to the region.

Affordable holiday cottages to rent in Cornwall are set to be filled to the brim over the coming days as people look to visit the region to take in the current glorious weather that the region is enjoying.

Forecasters have revealed that over the weekend temperatures could rise to between 20°C and 22°C, which in turn could see a large number of people descend on Cornwall’s beaches to take advantage of the start of the warm summer weather.

This spell of glorious weather is part of a mini-heat wave that the South West of England is enjoying at the moment.

Although this mini-heat wave is set to last over the entire weekend the weather could turn into showers next week, although forecasters have said that the next bank holiday could bring with it more good weather.

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Cornwall basks in basking sharks

Posted on 12th May 2014

Experts have revealed that it has been the best start to the basking shark season in Cornwall in years.

Basking sharks are commonly seen in the seas around Cornwall in the summer months, but this year there have been a number of sightings of the animals, which can grow up to 25 feet long, around the Cornish coast.

This is extremely high compared to previous years, which, according to shark experts, points towards a good summer ahead for visitors staying in pretty holiday cottages to rent in Cornwall to see the great creatures.

Many visitors to Padstow, for instance, often see the mammoth creatures swimming in the harbour in search of more food.

Stuart Dowling, who saw a basking shark recently at Sennen, told Pirate FM, “It was seven or eight feet long, very impressive and so close to the shoreline I couldn’t believe it, it was just past where the waves were breaking, it was a lovely moment of nature, that is part of the lovely fabric of Cornwall isn’t it, that is why people come and spend their summers here and their weekends here because you have all of this on your doorstep.”

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Cornish people given minority status

Posted on 28th April 2014

Cornish people are set to be given minority status under European rules for the protection of national minorities.

This means visitors staying in beautiful Cornwall coastal cottages this year will now be heading to a county where its people have been given the same status as other Celtic communities, such as the Scots, Welsh and Irish.

The news has been celebrated by members of the Cornish independence party as well as members of Cornwall County Council.

Cornwall Council leader John Pollard said: “There are obviously significant benefits for Cornwall in being included within the framework convention, which is worth celebrating, and I pay tribute to all those who have worked tirelessly over many years to achieve this status.”

Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the treasury, will make an announcement when he visits Cornwall later this year and the status is set to be granted on 5th March next year.

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Experience the very best of Cornish Food

Posted on 09th April 2014

Standing among the most popular holiday destinations of the UK, the rich history, scenic tours and relaxed way of life found across Cornwall make it the perfect place to head in search of peace and tranquillity.

While you explore the endless catalogue of blue-flag beaches or peruse the streets of the quaint harbourside towns that are brimming with tradition and charm, it’s almost certain that you will work up quite an appetite while staying in one of the beautiful coastal cottages in Cornwall. With this in mind, why not expand your cultural voyage of the Duchy to your palate and sample some of the region’s traditional recipes?

Stargazy Pie

Sure to look like no pie you’ve ever seen before, the stargazy pie is a fish pie that traditionally contains sand eels, dogfish, ling, horse mackerel and herring. This combination of seafood is then mixed with eggs and potatoes before being encased in a shortcrust pastry top. The key ingredient is whole pilchards, the heads of which will be shaped to protrude out from the pastry. While this method helps them look to be gazing skyward, reflecting the name of the pie, it also has a practical method because it allows the oils released during cooking to flow back into the pie.

Showcasing Cornish food at its best, the dish originates from the fishing village of Mousehole near Penzance, which was thought to have been served to commemorate the bravery of a 16th Century fisherman called Tom Bawcock, who went out on his boat during a severe winter storm to save the whole village from the threat of starvation. It’s this story that was used as the basis for The Mousehole Cat, a children’s book written by Antonia Barber which won the 1991 British Book Award for Illustrated Children’s Book of the Year.

Cornish Yarg

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Cheese makes up a large part of Cornish food, although none offers quite the same taste as Cornish Yarg. Produced solely in the Duchy, it is a semi-hard cheese produced from the milk of Friesian cows. After being left to mature, the cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves which, in time, form an edible rind. The uniqueness about Cornish yarg is its varying textures, from the crumbly texture in the middle to the beautifully soft and creamy cheese found just under the skin. A variant is the Cornish wild garlic yarg, which is covered in wild garlic leaves in place of nettles. Although widely available in supermarkets, the cheese is at its best when it comes straight from Lynher Dairies.

Cornish Pasty

By far the most famous of all the Cornish foods, the popularity of the pasty is incredible and, despite being initially popular with the working class, it continues to be the snack of choice for people all over the country to this day. Whether you call it the ‘teddy’, ‘oggie’ or ‘pastie’, the traditional key ingredients are beef, swede, onion and potato. This delicious concoction is then spooned into the middle of pastry circles, which are in turn folded in half and sealed with the trademark crimp. It’s this crimp that is thought to have made the pasty popular with Cornish miners during the 17th and 18th Century, with the cooler crimp enabling them to eat the pasty without getting any dirt in their mouths.

As the pasty is considered the national dish of Cornwall, the Cornish Pasty name was awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PDI) status by the European Commission in July 2011 following a nine-year-long campaign by the Cornish Pasty Association. While they are available to sample all over the country, why not taste them at their very best during your Cornwall family holidays?

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Cornwall to be hotter than the Greek islands

Posted on 07th March 2014

This weekend Cornwall will be basking in spring sunshine, with forecasters predicting temperatures to be higher than in the Greek islands.

Cornwall Beach

Holiday homes to rent in Cornwall are set to be overflowing with guests this weekend as people will be heading to the county to soak up temperatures of up to 18C on Saturday and Sunday.

These temperatures may be hotter than the Greek islands and the south of France, as a band of high pressure closes in on southern England.

Westcountry tourism experts are already predicting that the warm weather will give the industry a ‘shot in the arm’, with an increase in bookings set to result.

Malcolm Bell, the Head of VisitCornwall, said, “I think it’s going to be the start of the revival for bookings. Now the weather is much more settled people can get on to thinking about their summer holidays again.”

The news of the upcoming good weather is also a welcome relief for tourism businesses in Cornwall who have been affected by the recent floods.

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