Cornwall attraction celebrates birth of miniature llama

Posted on 13th April 2014

A popular animal attraction in Cornwall has welcomed its first baby miniature llama of the season, with the arrival of the tiny bundle likely to cause quite the storm with future visitors.

Weighing just 15lbs and standing around the size of a small coffee table, the miniature llama named ‘JJ’ safely arrived a fortnight ago at Llama Lland Llittle Llamas with help from owners Tom and Julie Tripp.

Based in Shortlanesend near Truro, the fact that’s its home to the only flock of miniature Llamas in the UK means that it benefits from many visitors throughout the year.

Named after two German farm helpers, Judith and Jacqueline, the baby – or cria – already sports a full body of fluffy hair and has been described as having a pleasant temperament. The owners are expecting this to be the first of many arrivals, offering all the more reason to visit the attraction while staying in one of the coastal cottages in Cornwall nearby.

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