Cornwall is full of hidden treasures

Posted on 23rd July 2014

Cornwall is full of hidden treasures and we are not even talking about its beaches, old tin mines or landmarks; we are talking about actual treasure.

While new and modern holiday cottages to rent in Cornwall are normally full of holidaymakers looking to get a glimpse of the county’s attractions, they could soon be full of treasure hunters after a local blogger released a treasure map.

An article in the West Briton reports that the local blogger has released a list and map for the 12 best places in Cornwall to hunt for hidden chests of gold, where either treasure has previously been found or where ships from the 16th and 18th centuries famously sank and their precious loads never found.

The list covers areas all over Cornwall and includes Merchant Royal, Cudden Point, Godrevy, Church Cove, Dollar Cove, Rill Cove, Lizard Point, Hanover Cove, Kennack Sands and Harlyn Bay.

Image Credit: Tom Garnett (