Rare tuna comes ashore in Cornwall

Posted on 19th July 2014

A group of holidaymakers this week discovered what is believed to have been a Bluefin tuna floating off the Cornish coast at Kingsand.

The group of friends, who were believed to be staying in nearby Cornwall coastal cottages to rent, were out kayaking when they saw the rare tuna fish floating along in the water.

The discovery is quite remarkable as the fish is listed as critically endangered and although it is illegal to catch or sell the fish in British waters, it is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – in 2013 a Bluefin tuna was sold at an auction for over £1 million by a sushi restaurant owner.

This particular fish was so heavy that six men had to lift it out of the sea and onto shore. The fish, which is normally found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, has seen its population numbers decrease since the 1960s due to overfishing.

A volunteer for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Claire Wallerstein, was one of the first people on the scene after the group of girls had dragged the fish closer to the shore and she told a local newspaper that she “just could not believe it”.

Image Credit: Danilo Cedrone (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) (commons.wikimedia.org)